The next part might take a while. To be honest I’ve been staying late at school studying everyday and haven’t had the energy to translate when I get back. Hopefully I can use the weekend to get back in the habit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

30 thoughts on “update

  1. Resting is important, since neglecting it can affect your health. Translating should be a hobby you enjoy and not a job. Your health and well being has always priority, people can survive without a new chapter…

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  2. Real life matters take priority, so don’t worry and take your time. It’s important to rest too. I’ll patiently wait for your translation, thank you for everything so far!


  3. I’m dying to see what happens next, but as the others, I also think that is best if you rest and take it easy. DonΒ΄t push your self too much. And of course school takes priority. Good luck.


  4. Please don’t leave is waiting for too long. I feel like I haven’t been able to see a friend/ lover ever since I finished reading all the translated chapters and I’ve been absolutely depressed until the next update comes out. I check in every day.

    Im just playing… I mean a little bit. Please don’t make us wait too long. Thank you.


  5. As much as I’m DYING waiting. . . lol. I understand school comes first. I am sure we all appreciate you taking you time to do this for us. I’m thankful you are considerate enough to let us know you haven’t dropped the project. We will be here when you can fit us in. Thanks for keeping us updated and have fun.


  6. Just keep up the good work mate, rl problems come first.

    Btw, congrats for the work do far, you’re doing an amazing job translating this LN.


  7. Thanks for all the hard work translating this for us to enjoy.
    Prioritize yourself over us with this. Your future, and your health is more important than our entertainment.
    I would like for you to keep it up, but only when you feel comfortable doing so. And with that said, good luck with your studies and thanks for everything you’ve done for us despite having your own responsibilities. I really appreciate it. Even if you were only doing it as a hobby, thanks.

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  8. Rather than translating, you use the weekend to rest. It’s way better than burning yourself out and losing motivation. I personally am waiting for volume 5 to be finished to read all the volumes in one go, but I’m not in a hurry so take your time. Even if you can’t translate for a while, I’m happy with just your status updates every other week to know you are still active.


  9. Dude, you’re doing amazing. Take your time if you want, the real world won’t wait, but those of us who aren’t complete dicks will.


  10. It’s great that someone in other countries like this book. Rcently many fans in the east are propagating Chtholly.~~~


  11. I just finished the last chapter a few days ago and i’m just going to say thanks for ur hardwork. Well, aside from that i’m just going to wait until u upload the next one. So take your time.


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