Some of you may be wondering why there have been no updates. Again, I’m sorry, but college started and I am a lot busier than expected. I lessened my coursework to have a more manageable schedule, so hopefully that makes things better. I just started translating the next and final chapter, so it should be up sometime in the next week or so if all goes well.

Also, I know people will ask, so I will say it now: I do not currently plan on translating SukaMoka in the near future. The main reason for this is that I simply don’t have the time that I had last semester.

This also means that I encourage any other translators out there to pick up the sequel or EX should they be up to the challenge.

Anyway, I will say all this again in more detail after the final chapter.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


10 thoughts on “update


    It’s all good, I’m pretty sure you are busy enough without translating this LN. I will continue to stay patient while you take your time translating SukaSuka. Either way, you have no obligation to actually do this for us and I am plenty grateful you even did it.

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  2. Thank you so much for translating this. I think i would have gone crazy if all I had was the TV show and no way to read the LNs. You have really enriched my life, I love good stories and this is right up there with the name of the wind, Spice and wolf, and my other favorites. I left $40 in your paypal a while ago, wait till my next case settles and I’ll leave something nice to help you buy books and help with your studies.

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  3. Thanks for the trans and good luck with college.
    Also, If i send you the trans of sukamoka will you post it? I might give it a shot if the classes im taking this semester gives me the chance.


  4. Thanks a lot for all your translations and the care you put in this message too.
    Sukasuka is really a good story, thank you very much for having made it to possible to read it


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